corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
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corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia

The following is a sample of the many accolades we have received from past participants.

Safe Drive Test Drive: High School Program

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the Safe Drive Training course offered at Canterbury College each year is of utmost importance to students on their L's and P's and I urge you to encourage as many students as possible to participate in this course.  In the last week, that training course was everything to Chloe and myself and it saved her life. After having her P's for 3 weeks, she was involved in a high speed accident on the M1 freeway after a mattress flew off another vehicle and she hit it head on going nearly 100 km/h. Her car was written off but Chloe and her friend survived without a scratch. The Road Traffic Response officer that witnessed the entire accident congratulated her for the way in which she controlled the car and said she couldnt have handled it any better. Saying 'this could have been a fatality situation'. We both praise Safe Drive Training for the information she learnt and the way in which they managed to get the students to retain the information and we will forever be indebted to them for helping save my daughters life. Chloe & I will now always promote this course by Safe Drive Training and if the College can encourage as many students to do this course, less lives will be lost." Wendy McGrath (May 2009)

"Course was excellent as usual - congratulations" Anthony Constance. Teacher, Chanel College, GLADSTONE (2010)

"A big thankyou for the Safe Driving Expo yesterday. Instructors were fantastic and the students had a great time" Bill Moloney , Year 11 Co-ordinator, Toolooa State High School (2010)

"I was driving home from Dalby the other day when I lost control of my car between chinchilla and miles on a long stretch of road. I ended up on both sides of the road at some point and collected 2 reflector posts and burst a tyre. According to the guy driving the car coming the other way it was close and he thought I was done for when I was speeding towards a iron bark tree, but thanks to you and your team I am sure you are the reason I am alive right now, as I remembered your tip about braking and turning while locked up and I was able to swing the car back onto the highway, although narrowly missing oncoming traffic. I escaped the accident with only minor grazes to my chin from the belt and an amount of whiplash to my neck. But once again I believe your training is the reason I am alive, and for this I cannot describe how grateful I am. This experience has made me truly aware of the affect your training has had on me, and if there is anything at all I can do to help to make others aware then please don't be afraid to ask" Edward Barford, Roma (2009)

"Last weekend I attended a Defensive Driving Course on Sunday 27th June at Mt Cotton.The four men who conducted the course were professional, polite, friendly and very informative. My husband, Russell and I learnt a great deal, and enjoyed ourselves immensely during the day. It was challenging at times, but we were given encouragement, and gained the necessary confidence to follow instructions and discover new skills. Because I won this course, we did not pay, so I would like to thank you very much for what we were given. In a few months we are embarking on a round Australia trip, and purchased our new van a month ago. So who knows? Maybe you have saved us from an accident in advance" Marie Mullins, Noosa Heads (2010)

"I would just like to thank all the staff at your training session yesterday. I was extremely happy that Kate made the effort to get to Mt Cotton on time as it was a Sunday and she worked late the night before. Please pass on a big thankyou to trainers it was very interesting listening to Kate explain to us in detail all that she learned about defensive driving which it appears she did take in a lot. I'm sure that over her driving life she will put to good use many of the skills learned and she can  keep herself and others safe on the road. We will be recommending your course to all our friends and hopefully we can have safer drivers on our roads" Michelle Woodhall, Capalaba (2012)

"Can you pass on our thanks to all the staff involved in Saturday's program.  They were fantastic and the students once again realised that they didn't know everything." Peter McMahon, teacher, Pacific Lutheran College (2009)

Building on drivers skills: Extract from letters section of Courier Mail on February 4, 2009 "Peter Schubak (Letters, Feb 2) says he has been lobbying governments to build driver-training centres for 30 years. Learning the basics to obtain licences does not equip drivers or motorcyclists with the necessary real-world skills, many of which cannot be taught on public roads. I enrolled my daughter in a defensive driving course for her 18th birthday. Initially, she thought it was a dud of a present but she thoroughly enjoyed the training experience. Within six months, she firmly believed that her newly learnt skills had saved her and her passenger from a potentially fatal accident. To become proficient at playing an instrument, tennis, lawn bowls or even cards requires training and regular practice. Those without the skills are ultimately eliminated. It's possibly a bit melodramatic, but it's the same for driving a car or riding a motorcycle, except the stakes are much higher. The reality is that only basic training is required to get a licence and then our children go out on the road full of confidence that they have all the necessary skills. The road toll proves otherwise. The lack of purpose-built facilities for driver and rider training and the pressure to close existing venues such as motocross circuits, which are the training nurseries for our future road users, make it increasing difficult for anyone seeking to gain the necessary skills to do so." Bruce Piper, Robina

"My daughter completed your course 2 years ago and I believe it was some of the best money I have ever spent" Amanda Whelan, Victoria Point (2009)

"Thanks for a great day out. Both young and old were learning things during the day. Between theory sessions and drive time the day went so quickly. If may come to pass that our Government would put all drivers through the course and be more proactive in reducing the road toll. We still do not know how numerous signs displaying poor verse (poetry), can help prevent crashes! Keep up the good work and hopefully you will enjoy instructing our Year 12 cohort in 2009". Ken Williams (Teacher), Noeleen Hooker (Teacher), Glenn Smedley (Acting Principal), Stanthorpe State High School (2008)

"A massive thank you for the day us seniors from the land of TVC had up there with your crew yesterday. The day was incredible, I know the message from the intro & theory sessions hit home for myself and may of my mates. The graphic photos brought a sense of realism with them & stats were eye opening. The braking exercise was mad as! I've never pushed a car to its potential before, locking brakes, thresholds, wet roads, responding to the whistle. And golly I have never driven such nice cars. The witches hats, ha ha. I think I owe Rob a pretty big thank you here! As a challenging yet somehow entertaining backseat passenger it was a jolly time in these cars. Rob you loved this sweet spot between a time to have fun & a time to be serious. It was a pleasure working with you and taking the last lap rapidly, ha ha, minus a few orange cones, which I loved taking the straight line cones with a little more speed, oh and, I'm taking a real crack at the steering technique, it is actually way faster cheers. Doug, I really did enjoy the session, driving back up to your humour every lap made me laugh! Denis, you are a wealth of information - thanks for making it all so relevant. Thank you gentlemen, all of you, for your encouragement, your assistance, and your kind spirit. I go for my green Ps next week, excited, and so much more prepared. Enjoy the rest of your year, be jolly, and know that the work you do is phenomenal. Thanks again" Erin Raethel (Yr 12), student Tweed Valley High School (2008)

"I would like to thank all the instructors but especially Denis. The graphic pictures in the slideshow really made me think. I will never speed, not only for my own safety but also for the safety of others. Maybe if all the dickheads in Australia the break the law saw the photos of Jacqui and how she suffered they'd grow up and realize what they're risking. I definitely think that there should be more photos of graphic accidents and more clips from people who have been permanently hurt in car collisions. Too many young people are dying on our roads. I just want you to know that you got the message through to me. Thank you waking me up before it was too late." Grace Lee (2008)

"Many thanks to the team at SDT for a wonderful, well organised and invaluable course. We hope to participate again next year. We cannot speak highly enough of your work" Louise Schouten, teacher, St. Francis College (2008)

"This is to thank you and your company for delivering the defensive driving course to our students. The feedback from them was very positive and I'm sure the course has gone a long way to help them realise the responsibility of driving a motor vehicle." Cristhian Colli, teacher, Mullumimby High School (2008)

"Hello my name is Andrew, today (19th November) I completed a course at Kempsey Airport. This course was great, very interesting, and i learn't alot. Thanks for everything!" Andrew Wilson (2008)

"Just wanted to say a massive thankyou for the last few days! I'll contact you in the next week or so to book in for next year- Brilliant course the kids were rapped! Thanks again" Sarah Douglas, teacher, Tully State High School (2008)

"Many thanks to you and the great team at Mt Cotton for the excellent experiences for our students on October 28th. We will come again next year" Kathryn Cristini, teacher, Mt. St. Patricks College (2008)

"Please let your staff know we had an excellent day and the instructors connected with the students and got the message across - we will be involved again next year. On behalf of the students thanks to the instructors" Nancy Hamer, teacher, Kadina High School (Lismore 2008)

"Congratulations on running such a worthwhile program, I have had two children do this course now and both have thoroughly enjoyed it and found it most beneficitial." Lyn Bryant (2008)

"Thanks for the course on the weekend in Townsville- our guys and girls really got a lot out of it and had a good time. I actually had to use it on the drive home when a group of roos jumped out in front of me right on dusk - and missed them all. Speaking of your team, we had a great time with the staff. It made the weekend more fun. Thanks again - it was definitely worth the trip". Brent Armstrong: Julia Creek Youth & Recreation Officer (2007)

"I just wanted to send an email thanking you and your staff. This morning, which has been one of many times, the knowledge and confidence I received from doing both your defensive and advanced driving courses helped me avoid an accident. I was travelling in a school zone, going 40km, and there were parked cars all along the side of the road. As I was coming to the end of the parked cars, I noticed something in the corner of my eye, so I slowed down. It was lucky that I did, because a Labrador ran onto the road not 3 meters in front of my car. I managed to stop in plenty of time, but the person in the Nissan Patrol with the huge bull bar behind me, wasn't paying as much attention as I was, and locked up because I stopped so suddenly. Other occasions, where other drivers have pulled out onto the road in front of me with out looking, or have come to an almost stop for no apparent reason, have all been accident free because I pay attention for them, and look well ahead for any hazards. And whilst I like the idea of having a hotted up car, while people I know are spending money on tack on spoilers, and body kits, or thousands of dollars on audio equipment; I decided to upgrade my safety first. I spent about $1600 on new wheels (from 175/70 R13's to wider, and inevitably better gripping 195/50 R15's tyres) and cross drilled and slotted front rotors with performance brake pads. I think that was the best money I have ever spent, particularly at highway speeds, the braking power is amazing compared to the standard Mitsubishi brakes that came on my Lancer. I can get out of most situations faster than I can get into them. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you, your company and your staff have succeeded in your mission to educate at least one person on how to drive safely and survive the maniacs on the road. Thank you." Ben Johnston-Bradford, (November 2005)

"The Safe Drive Test Drive Course was a fantastic day which provided us with the opportunity to extend our skills and perhaps to help us minimise our risk of an accident. Well done to all!" Extract from the newsletter of Windaroo Valley State High School (22 August, 2005)

"Thanks again for the service that you provide to our young people. The feedback from the students and parents was very positive. Your staff as always, conducted themselves in a very professional manner and were able to relate to the students effectively. We will see you again next year, take care!" Darren Paten, Teacher, Concordia College (October, 2005)

"Thank you so very much for the experience my son had with your instructors on Sunday. He has come back with a wealth of info and fabulous memories.Keep up the good work" Laurette Anderson, Parent (October, 2005)

"I would like to commend your staff at your Willowbank safe drive training centre for the wonderful job that they are doing. I attended the safe driving course yesterday (Saturday May 22) and found your staff to be very passionate about their work. They were highly informative (and extremely patient may I add). Their whole attitude towards safe driving made the day a thoroughly memorable experience. I walked away from that course having learnt a lot more about the potential dangers on the road and how to deal with situations that i may find myself in on future endeavours out on the roads. I feel that if this course were to ever be made compulsory for learner drivers, I would be more than happy to support the cause. I also feel that encouraging young drivers to do this course will be extremely easy, as it really was an enjoyable experience. Once again thank you and your staff." Casey Westbury, University of Queensland, Gatton (May, 2005)

"Thank you for a great day, students were very positive and felt it was a worthwhile day". Nancy Hamer, Year 11 Coordinator, Kadina High School (November 2004)

"Congratulations on having 15,000 students now graduated from your school ! I think it should be compulsory for all learner drivers to attend before they get their license. Our daughter said that a skill she learned at your course recently saved her from an accident on the Ipswich Motorway, caused by another idiot. Her girlfriend just sat & screamed but our daughter said she felt really calm & automatically went into action mode & narrowly averted a pile up. She said it was a surreal feeling because at the course they knew they would only hit marker cones but then she knew it was going to be a potentially serious crash. I was very proud of her keeping her head but I do credit the Safe Driving course for giving her the correct techniques". Nanette Watson (July 2004)

"My daughter Melissa Wilson attended the course on Sunday 7th December at Willowbank and came home full of praise and commented how much fun she had. As the father to this young adult women let loose on the roads, I would like to express my gratitude to the trainers who conducted the course and gave an insight into how to manage difficult conditions that could be encountered on our roads. Thank you for your time and may you train more people in the future". Pete Wilson, father

"Thanks for a great day. The boys raved about the course. I am sure you will receive a letter from the school. Your best instructors were clearly Josh and Ian doing the specific braking stuff. They were excellent !" Daniel Brown, Deputy Director of Boarding, Brisbane Boys College (Oct 2003)

"The kids are telling me that they had a great time on Friday...they really enjoyed the whole program and many have commented on how much they enjoyed they way it was all presented - relaxed, friendly manner of you and your team etc." Nicole Clark, Year 12 Coordinator, Kedron State High School (Aug 2003)

"Just a quick note to let you know that all 15 of our students really enjoyed your course. They have been busy encouraging next years Grade 12's to attend in 2004. Also alot are considering completing the next level of your course. Thanks again for the day." Juanita Doherty, Yr 12 Coordinator, Lockyer District High School (July 2003)

"Your staff and supporters may be interested to know that a parent approached me at the P&F Meeting last night to tell me that her daughter [a Year 12 student] had been involved in a serious traffic accident recently. She had recently gone on the Defensive Driving Course organized for year 12 students and she instinctively followed the instructions given in the course and survived the crash. Her mother was certain that without that course, the accident might have had a different outcome." Mr. Paul Bland, Headmaster, Canterbury College (Aug 2001)

"Every single person who will ever sit in the driver’s seat of a vehicle should take part in this course. It is the most valuable life lesson one could learn, so keep up the fantastic work" Margot Tannock, Yr 12 student, Moreton Bay College (Aug 2001)

"Thanks for offering such a great course. My son, Matthew Nutley, attended from Wynnum State High School and his feedback and comments reassured me that "someone out there is doing it right" - Congratulations" Allan Nutley B.Ed. Dip.T. (another concerned parent)

"You guys have changed my attitude to driving in a huge way" Sam Coleman, Yr 12 student (Sept 2001)

"I am thoroughly affected by all aspects of this course. Everything was a positive experience and I really, really had a great time. I hope that all drivers could have the excellent experience that I was fortunate enough to have" Michelle Gunders, Yr 12 student, Boonah State High

"I found the day very rewarding, staff were very professional and friendly. I learnt a lot from todays course. Well worth it" Jessie Behrendorff, Yr 12 student, Boonah State High

"Your work is great, it should be a pre-requisite for licenced drivers and all law offenders" Andrew Briggs, Yr 12 student, Northside Christian College

"Excellent course. I think more people need to do this course. It's an experience that's not only fun, but changed (and will save) my life" Monique Mocke, Yr 12 student, Northside Christian College

"I learnt alot from today and I think it should be made compulsory in schools curriculum. Thank you to the instructors they were all great" Kailia Hoare, Yr 12 student, Merrimac State High

"FANTASTIC COURSE. Should be made more known in school's as it will change the way people drive. The instructors were fantastic and should be highly commended for their efforts" Natalie Stay, Yr 12 student, Northside Christian College

"I think the course was awesome and it should be compulsory for everyone who gets their Learners Permit" Tanya Murphy, Yr 12 student, St. Ursula's College

"Really enjoyed the day - after doing the course I think all people should attend this course and that after experiencing the Drink Driving Goggles I think you should not be allowed to have any drinks if you want to drive" Megan Robertson, Yr 12 student, St. Ursula's College

"What a brilliant service to our community. Thank you for your understanding, care and appreciation of young drivers and their needs" Laura McEnery, Yr 12 student, Northside Christian College

"I am writing to express my appreciation for the most excellent driver training experience I've ever witnessed. From the onset our students were presented with the sobering reality of how easily accidents can occur, and how easy most of those accidents can be prevented. The quality of your instructors, their depth of knowledge and experience, and their ability to relate to young adults was excellent. The program presented an excellent balance of theory and practice. I've been driving for over 30 years and I learned so much through your program. I personally think it should be mandatory for all novice drivers to do this course and it would be a bonus to have the Government support it. Once again thank you for providing such a brilliant course, we trust it grows and gains the endorsement and recognition it deserves." Mr. Col Krueger, Principal of Mueller College

"I would like to thank and commend St. Peters Lutheran College for its participation in the QUEST SAFE DRIVE 2000 course. My daughter completed the course during Year 12 on July 24, 1998. On Saturday May 22, 1999, Sheridan was involved in a traffic accident caused by an oncoming car losing control and spinning onto her side of the road in front of her car. Fortunately there were no serious personal injuries although both vehicles had to be towed away. Sheridan and the rest of her family firmly believes the principles she learnt at the safe driving course enabled her to handle the situation she was suddenly confronted with. She was able to instinctively apply the knowledge gained from the course rather than panic. Although the collision could not be avoided, there could have been far more serious consequences given the wet road and four lanes of traffic. Thanks to all involved." Kay King, a grateful mother

"Thank-you for putting together the Safe Drive 2000 campaign for Year 12 students. The day was both exciting and educational from which we learnt a lot. The campaign reached out to us, inexperienced drivers who thought we were experienced and untouchable just because we had a licence. For me, there was the realisation that although I had passed my driving test and had a licence, I knew very little about how to survive on the road. The day made my peers and I aware of the many things needed to control a vehicle, avoid an accident and to allow for the unpredictability of other drivers on the road. From practicing the skills and techniques used in different emergency situations, I am now aware of what I must do and not do if the situation arises. While watching Joel react and stop the car at different speeds, I was shocked to see how long it really took and how far the car continued to travel in those few seconds. Most people think that they can stop in an instant if need be, but that is not the case. It scared me to think that people travelling at high speeds do not realise the damage that they can cause and how irresponsibly they are driving. From the talk Graham gave us, we learnt how important good tyres and car maintenance are to a car and one's safety. We also learned how important it is not to keep loose objects in the body of the car, as in an accident they are propelled like missiles, thus endangering the well-being of the driver and passengers. The day was an eye-opener and we all learned many different things. I think that many of us altered the way we drive and have also shared some of our new knowledge with those close to us. So many people are ignorant on the road and I feel that if they just did a one day course like the Safe Drive 2000 they would realise that every time they go in a car, it is their responsibility to practice safe driving and that they hold their own lives and those of others in their hands. I would like to thank you again for putting together the Safe Drive 2000. Through this program I know that you have probably saved the lives of many teenagers throughout our State by making them aware of the attitudes they have towards speed and alcohol alone. I have urged many people to do a course such as Safe Drive 2000 because for me, it has made me aware of my responsibilities and choices as a driver." Fiona Frost, former student Southern Cross Catholic College

"I commend your organisation on the role it is undertaking to make young Australians safer and better drivers. I certainly support your campaign and wish you every success in this endeavour." The Hon. Rob Borbidge (former) PREMIER OF QUEENSLAND

"The Quest Safe Drive 2000 course was very informative, interesting and above all great value to newly licenced drivers. We at the College consider it most worthwhile and would be encouraging our student drivers to attend every year believing the time away from school to be time very well spent" Graeme Fuller (Deputy Principal of Iona College)

"The experience of actually getting behind the wheel and testing driving skills under specific instruction cannot be duplicated in a theoretical situation. All participants agreed it was a very valuable day and we are anxious to continue to encourage our girls to take part next year" Colleen Willis (Year 12 Co-ordinator of Ipswich Girls Grammar)

"The feedback from the students has been overwhelmingly positive, with all students feeling that they benefited immensely from the course. In fact, despite many having their licences, they were shocked to discover just how little they really knew about driving safely and how, inadvertently, they had been subject to safety risks. Our young people's lives are very precious - it is horrifying to think they could be in jeopardy through ignorance" Celia Warr (Year 11 Co-ordinator of St. Saviour's College, Toowoomba)

"I would just like to thank you for the great course you guys run. To a guy who knows only two speeds, stop & flat out, I found your course to be not only informative but somewhat of an eye opener. To me, the dangers of the road were oblivious, with people (my wife especially) always telling me I drive too close to other vehicles. I would always respond that I am far away to stop if I need to. I now know that I was not especially after I did that 100 kph stop in my van. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the way you run it with the element of fun but always that seriousness. I will recommend your course to anybody who asks me about it." David Grech, Goodna

"I learnt something that may one day save my life" Brad Varney, Withcott

"Best day I have had in years, I will most definitely bring my two kids back." Dennis Baker, Oxenford

"The most informative day, I've spent. Thank you" Ken Errington, Ipswich

"I throughly enjoyed the defensive driver course that Gordon and I attended on Sunday 25th March (2001). It was well presented and very informative. I will recommend it to anyone that asks about it. Anita Williams, Wishart

"Please accept my sincere thanks for co-ordinating the driving course for my husband Ross and our friend Clayton. The thing that impressed me more than anything else was the professionalism and passion you guys apply to your job. Graham was wonderful to talk to and so keen to share his knowledge and it become so obvious how much you all care about the job at hand. I ask "when will these training days be part and parcel of getting a licence" (but I know what your reply will be). Thank you for the great job you did for Ross and Clayton and their driving prowess!!" Janeen MacGregor, Raymonds Hill

"Yesterday I attended your Safe Driver Training Course, it was very informative and efficently run.  Thank you to all the team for a providing a safe and comfortable environment for a worth while experience." Angela Silversides

"The training was excellent. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!.  It was very well received by the business. The instructor (Ian) went over and above his call of duty. He is very helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable in this arena." Robertson Anis Team Cordinator OHS, Ok Tedi Mining Limited (Papua New Guinea)

Just wanted to thank you for organising the two training sessions for us. My understanding is that our staff were very grateful for the course and advice given etc. They all tell me they got a lot out of it. I personally attended yesterday's session. We had Dennis and Graham as our instructors. I am not sure who the instructors were for the first session but I personally found Dennis and Graham very good and supportive of all our efforts. The course was presented very well. Thank you very much." Ed Sciortino, Financial Controller, Marubeni Power Services

"I did that defensive driving course yesterday and mate all I can say is it was excellent. If there is any way that we as AECOM can get more of our field staff to do it I really think it would add huge value towards keeping our people safer. It not only creates awareness of safe driving but targets the bad habits that people fall into. The fact that you get practical experience in doing what you are taught really helps. How many people have even felt ABS, let alone how to make a car stop in the most effective way not relying on the ABS. The skills, techniques and information sharing is invaluable and I would really recommend it to anyone within our company (especially those at risk in respect of going to site regularly or travelling large distance). I don't know what it cost, but I think what we learnt is invaluable. Vaughan Geldenhuis, Transport Network Reconstruction Program, AECOM

"The feedback is that all thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it relevant and educational, well done to the trainer". Peter Miller, QHS&E Coordinator Australia, Exterran (Australia) Pty Ltd

"I spoke with the guys this morning who spoke very highly of the training and advised that you were very thorough in your training (including the winching). Thanks a lot for being so professional whilst taking a casual approach to the training that you deliver, I am greatly appreciative that you can tailor a course to Salva's requirements. Again, thanks a lot, you guys are doing a TOP job!" Shaun Rayner, HSE Manager, Salva Resources

"Very successful training and enjoyed by all I think. I didn't have much time to spend with your instructor (Nachiket) but the feedback was very positive on his approach." Stephen Parkinson, Production EHS Lead , Santos Sangu Field Limited (Bangladesh)

"I thought I would let you know that I thought the course that was conducted over the two days this week was excellent.  The trainers Brendon and Nick were great and really knew what they were on about. In particular, Nick was awesome, he was very patient with us yesterday (the three of us were quite green when it came to operating 4WD in a defensive way, especially me) and he was very professional. We walked away impressed and very happy that we chose your company to complete this training for us." Douglas Howard , PNG-LNG HSS Coordinator and Project Duty Officer, Coffey Environments

"I would just like to thank Joel and his team for a great 2 days last week (RIIVEH305A course). Everyone had a lot of fun and hopefully learnt a thing or two. It was good that the weather held out and it was a great couple of days." Brent Shore, Rio Tinto Exploration

"Thanks Mate. Everyone including myself was very impressed and got a lot of value out of the 4WD training. There was no negative feedback at all which was a pleasant surprise." Craig Moore, Health & Safety Training Coordinator Grosvernor Coal Project, HATCH

"Thank you very much for the training that occurred yesterday.  The boys learnt a lot and really enjoyed themselves in the process." Kayla Nixon, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd

"Just want to advise you that John arrived back safely (to PNG) and really enjoyed the course. He is looking forward to passing on his new skills from the train-the-trainer program." Dave Thomas , Learning Manager Ela Motors (PNG)

"Everyone seemed to enjoy the 4WD training days, our instructors were great, very approachable" Sally Henry, Boggabri Coal Pty Limited

"We have had great feedback about the (RIIVEH201B) course that our guys attended yesterday which is great" Douglas Howard , PNG-LNG HSS Coordinator, Coffey Environments

"The driver training went well, David delivered a thorough package as per his experience, the guys learned a lot and Dave was very low maintenance - set and forget. Very smooth" Mark Lawson, Talisman Energy (PNG)

"The feedback was fantastic, everyone that I have spoken to was very positive of the day. All your team did a remarkable job.  This is something that we will keep on top of now and maybe do revisits on a yearly basis with new recruits etc. Thanks again we really appreciate it." Lisa, GWA Bathrooms and Kitchens (2012)

"The training was great!!! You all do such a wonderful job. I have got nothing but positive feedback and I personally had an excellent day! Thank you so much for all your help" Carrisa Carter, QR National (2012)

"Without a doubt everyone found it an enjoyable and informative day - absolutely worth doing. Thanks again" Ngahina Richards, National Sales Manager, Galderma Australia (2012)

"The defensive driving course went very well. I took a lot out of it and was very enjoyable.  I'm even thinking of doing the advanced course as well one day soon.  Karl Luxton, CBC Australia Pty Ltd

"Since the training that you provided to us there have been no accidents as a result from reversing.  I can honestly say there has been a marked improvement in driving. Thanks so much for your help" Kym Nunan-Squier , Human Resource  Manager, Maroochy RSL Club

"I'd like to thanks the guys for the professional/thorough manner in the way they conducted our recent training. I have received positive feedback from all attendees who will hopefully now change any bad driving habits." Darrel West, Safety Advisor, John Holland Power

"I thought that given all the airplay of recent time about young drivers it may be worth while letting the public know that defensive driving does work. We employ approximately 350 apprentices and trainees the majority of whom are male aged between 17 and 21. The training we provide to apprentices most certainly has reduced our applications to the courts for day licences. The apprentices themselves also report that they learn a lot during the course. The course we provide also alerts the apprentices to the difference between private vehicles and loaded (lethal) work vans in particular to weight distribution and braking. I hope this helps the community better understand the positives of defensive driving, in particular with our youth." Ron Powell, General Manager - Electro Group Apprentices (Qld)

"I just wanted to thank SDT very much for the driver training program that your trainer facilitated for our staff here on the Sunshine Coast . I really appreciate that he took the time to drive up here for the course - my greatest struggle is getting people to free up their time for any type of training and your willingness to come to us made the course possible. We certainly found the day worthwhile." Jana Ewing, IIF Manager, Lend Lease, Sunshine Coast - Australia

"Everyone was thrilled with the training. Not only was it highly educational and also a lot of fun." Aimee Munro, Tarong Energy Corporation

"I just thought that I would let you know that I have received nothing but positive feedback about Friday's safe drive training course. Participants thought that each part of the course was informative, fun and worthwhile and that the instructors were fantastic." Melanie, Heart Foundation, Brisbane - Australia

"Regarding the driver training in Bangladesh for our company, just letting you know that the course proved to be quite beneficial and we were particularly impressed with the SDT trainer's realistic attitude and willingness to tailor the program to suit the prevalent conditions. He proved to be the ideal person to conduct the course, ensuring maximum benefit was gained by all drivers. If we require further defensive driver training on future projects, we will be sure to contact your organization again. Thanks." Dave Stegemann, PT. Grant Geophysical, Jakarta - Indonesia

"Approximately a year ago, our entire company attended a defensive driver training course at Willowbank, which was very well received and it is now part of our policy that all staff members should undergo this course." Melanie Wright, Condamine Alliance , Toowoomba - Australia

"Firstly, I wish to express our appreciation in your teams professionalism & guidance on Tuesday.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as well as learning lots of important things about driving safely.  Your instructors are a credit to your organisation. They were all extremely helpful, patient and friendly towards us all.  Both groups got heaps out of the day.  The Defensive group are already talking about when they will do the Advanced course.  The Advanced group are wondering what they can do next?" Peter Moeser, Austrade, Brisbane - Australia

"I would like to let you know that I had a fantastic time on Friday - not only was it informative but also very fun. Ian the main presenter did a fantastic job at making what could have been a very dry subject very interesting, entertaining and educational. The mix of practical and theory was enjoyable and broke the day up so that most the information will stay with me for a long time. Thanks for organising and well done to whoever chose Safe Drive Training." Melinda King, Runge Limited, Brisbane - Australia

"The feedback has been very positive! Thank you very much for the day I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves." Jessica Collison, Energex, Brisbane - Australia

"I am writing to thank SDT for such a fantastic experience in my recent Defensive Driving course in Canberra . The instructors were professional, helpful and fun, and I have taken a lot from the course that I have already started to apply to my every day driving." Joseph McKay , Australia Navy, Canberra - Australia

"The participants thoroughly enjoyed the training day.  Made lots of jokes about everyone's driving ability and found it very beneficial for improving their driving skills. Many thanks." Susan Hunter, BHP Billiton, Brisbane - Australia

"The driver training program show that we are experiencing a sustained and significant reduction in the rate of light vehicle accidents. This is a very encouraging result!  This program is clearly making our workplace safer. I am sure that it has made us safer drivers away from work as well, with benefits for families of drivers and the community in general". Matthew Orr, HSE Manager, PT. Inco, Sulawesi - Indonesia

"Visionstream has undertaken a comprehensive vehicle crash reduction programme for our staff of 400 people and with a vehicle fleet of approximately 300 sedans, station wagons, light trucks, vans, trailers and some heavy trucks. Safe Drive have been like partners in our programme; not just service providers. They have has frequent discussions with the Regional Management Team to suggest improvements to our programme, or to report on issues of which we need to be made aware. In terms of results, I have data to show that our investment in the programme with Safe Drive, coupled with our own vehicle initiatives, has been very successful and cost effective. I have no hesitation in recommending Safe Drive Training". Peter Schmidtchen, Regional Manager, Visionstream Pty Ltd

"Thanks to Safe Drive Training for a very informative and professional driver education day, your programs could save fleet managers big dollars". Greg MacDonald, Marketing Manager, Mercantile Mutual Insurance

"75 of our company drivers completed the course (myself included) and I must say that after speaking with a good cross section of our people, they have nothing but a high opinion of the course." Andy Marcos, Director, The BMD Group

"Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative day of defensive driver training at the Willowbank complex. I think I can say without reservation that each and every attendee thoroughly enjoyed the day. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services and believe that your course represents excellent value for money and is, most of all, very thorough and practical." Alan Bates, Company Lawyer, Eagle Boys Dial A Pizza

"Very very good, the course has further developed my understanding of how to drive and use vehicle properly" John Fookes, Area Manager, Centrelink Armidale

"I wish to say thank you for such a wonderful course that another team from Lifeline attended yesterday at Willowbank. Thanks to the instructors. We really enjoyed the day." Lea Bausch, Asset & Resource Management Coordinator, Lifeline

"I am happy to say the feedback from collegues with regards to the training has been very positive." Kamini Lallaiya, ALSTOM LTD

"Thanks for arranging our driver training on Wednesday - we all had a great time and was very impressed with the trainers and facilities.  Thanks again." Liz Freed, Rio Tinto Coal Australia


Advanced Car Control

"I am 17 years old and currently reside in Highfields, Queensland, nearby to Toowoomba.  I recently completed an Advanced Car Control course (S1/S2) with Safe Drive Training along with my father Tim.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was highly impressed by the instructors, Dennis and Rob.  They were friendly, informative and very skillful." Adam Wood (2008)

“I’m writing to commend you and your staff for their invaluable instruction during the Advanced Driver Training Course that I attended today. I’m fortunate to be driving a performance sports car and their guidance and practical tips on safely driving my car was not only enjoyable but immensely rewarding. In particular, could you extend my sincere thanks to the instructors - their relaxed but very professional approach not only put everyone at ease but allowed me to gradually build confidence to extend my driving ability. Well done. Cheers.” Allan Soriano

“I wish to thank you for training Nicholas in the High School course. He was amazed at the number of things he learned (things he had not even imagined could happen). The Advanced Course then was even better for Nicholas plus Colin (my husband) and myself. Colin and I have been driving for 20 years and we both learnt alot from the day (even though Colin thought he knew it all). It was excellent for Nicholas to experience things in a controlled environment and not in a real experience on the road. Thank you for a great day. Keep up the good work. Every person who gets their licence should have to attend this course.” Karen Kuzewicz

“At 42 I thought I wasn’t a bad driver but the instruction given during the Advanced Car Control course got me doing things in a car I never thought possible. The safety side of this course has made me a much more aware driver on the road. Thank you Safe Drive Training”. Darryl Jamieson

“Thank you for the opportunity, this training is worth its weight in gold. Far too little prominence is given to developing highly skilled drivers as a road safety tool. Not only compulsory, skills should be regularly updated (say 12 month intervals) to identify and eliminate bad habits that develop incrementally.Thank you”. Ralph Walton

"I would like to pass on my thanks to you and the team for the excellent training session that was run in Canberra on 5 Apr 06. My daughter was a participant and from the information she provided it was an extremely informative and interesting day. The team presented the training in a relaxed manner that put Pippa at ease and allowed her to gain benefit from the training. The course has reduced some of the fears that I have with a teenage girl driving around like a ratbag. Thank you again, and all the best. It was money well spent." John Sokolovic

Physics in Motion Science Program

"Thankyou for the day. Ian was excellent and the students had a great day" Dave Bennett, Victor Harbor High School (2010)

"I took a class of Year 12 Multi-Strand Science in April - it was fantastic. It provided students with practical experience to what we did in the classroom." Elizabeth Guymer, Brigidine College (2004)

"Thanks for a great day. It certainly met my expectations and the boys are still talking about it. The worksheets are excellent - we spent our first lesson back working through them again. The guys thought it was sweet that you had Channel 7 there just for them!" Jeff Nolan, St. Mary's College, Toowoomba (2005)

"Just wishing to say thankyou for the excellent presentation you made to my group Year 11/12 Physics girls back in September.  It was very informative and interesting, and thoroughly professionally put together. The excursions were tied together with a research question on G-forces, and the experience in the car at the end of the day was really beneficial to their understanding and experience of G-forces." Tertia Hogan, St. John Fisher College (2005)

"I would just like to thank you again for the Course attended by my Physics class. After all the years I have been taking classes, I believe this was the best course ever. The students were hanging off the instructors every word and he involved every student. This was a fantastic educational day." Lynda Ricketts, Westside Christian College (2006)

"I just want to say that my students thoroughly enjoyed your Physics presentation. Thanks! See you next year. Dorota Cook, Holy Spirit College (Mackay) (2007)

"Thanks again for all your good work today. You obviously have a passion for keeping people above the ground." Peter Herriman, Kings Christian College (2007)

Track Time

That was by far the best fun I've had in my WRX to date!!!  Many thanks to all who organized the day and can't wait till the next track day. Cheers. Shane Topping

Thanks for the track time on Saturday (Jan 17, 2004). I had a great time. I have already emailed the FTO Club of Qld telling them all about it. Let me know when the next track time is scheduled for. Jeff James

"Just a quick note to thank you for such a brilliant day last weekend. The performance driving was awesome! I was very excited about coming to SDT and driving on the Queensland Raceway circuit and the experience you and your team led me through was far more enjoyable than I was expecting. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of "attitude" of the other participants and found everybody to be very friendly a willing to help where they could. Thankyou for great day - I haven't stopped raving about it all week!" Murray Antill

"The lads started with the basics and guided me through the process picking up at each participants skill level and moving on from there. Cars are great to drive easy to get used to. It's the best place to start with drifting, and will get you hooked on sideways action" Red Balloon participant 2012
"Throwing a car around a 180 deg corner at full throttle was such a buzz. This experience is not only a lot of fun but also teaches how to control a skid and keep the vehicle under control. I had so much fun, the instructors were great." Red Balloon participant 2012

"Absolutely loved it, will definately be recommending it and will definetely be saving to do it again!" Red Balloon participant 2012

"Excellent day, great experience and well worth doing." Chris Grcic (attended Mako Trac 2009)

"Was very fun, encourage everyone to try it some time" Kerin Payne (attended Mako Trac 2009)

"I had an awesome day doing this course. i am definitely goin to do this course again, it was a very positive atmosphere both instructors made me feel welcomed as soon as i arrived and comfortable and encouraged me whilst i was learning to drift. i have done a couple of driving courses and SDT are by far the best!! cant wait to return and get my slide on!!!! Thanks again"Dan Edbrooke (attended at Willowbank, 2010)
"Regarding my drift ride on Sunday at Willowbank.... I sooo enjoyed myself (except I'm sure my son got longer time than me...) and I can't wait to see the photos. The day really inspired my passion, and when circumstances permit,  I'll be heading up to Cairns for your Drift School...I haven't been able to calm my excitement and anticipation since the's pretty much all I can think about..". Terri Eastweek (Drift slide at Willowbank on August 4, 2009)

"I just wanted to say a quick Thank you for the fantastic experience of the Drift School on Saturday Arvo. Had the best time and could not stop talking about it to friends and family. Was on such a high when I left and couldn't sleep. When finances allow (well, actually when my wife lets me) will definitely be looking at getting a car to take to the skid pan or to go drifting in. Thanks again.  The night was great value.". Greg Nicotra (attended Mt. Cotton Skid Pan program in 2006)

corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
corporate and adventure driver training programs brisbane australia
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