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A skid pan is an artificially slippery track which replicates driving on snow/ice or hitting a patch of oil. Since the driving speeds are less than 50 km/h and the track is so slippery, there is very little wear on tyres and very low risk of vehicle damage. However the fun factor is extreme as you attempt to control your car with little or no traction.

During the 4 hour session you will learn through experience how to recognize and control skids. This is a unique experience which not only enhances driving skills but makes people aware of their limitations and human reactions to adverse situations.

The session covers:

• Driving Vision, Steering and Posture
• Skid and Slide Recognition (Understeer, Oversteer, Spins)
• Skid Prevention Techniques
• Skid Control (Reactive Throttle Control, Steering correction and Balance Points)

Many drivers repeat this session again and again for the fun and experience. The Skid Pan Experience also allows people who have completed our Advanced Car Control course to repeat the skid pan component and refine their skills.

Our Skid Pan Experience is commonly completed by car clubs and social groups. Corporate groups often attend as part of conferences or team building activities. A great idea for 18th or 21st, 40th or 50th birthday parties.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Do I use my own car?

We offer 2 options:
1) You use your vehicle (car, SUV or 4WD)
2) You use a rear-wheel drive vehicle we supply for all of your skid pan experience. Please note other drivers may also access this vehicle when not being used by you.

What is the cost?

Where is this training conducted?

This program is conducted in Brisbane at the RACQ Mobility Centre (formerly called the Mt. Cotton Training Centre) which is located 45 minutes from the Brisbane CBD and 50 minutes from Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. With very few skid pans in Australia, this is a unique driver training experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Centre Management has banned drifting at this venue and implemented a 90dB noise limit on participating vehicles. Any car deemed to exceed the noise limits will be prevented from further driving. SDT will allow any affected participant to continue to use our training cars. No refund will be provided if your car is too loud. These rules apply to all hirers of the facility.

Programs can also be conducted at the Armidale Traffic Education Centre which is accessible from Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Tamworth, Grafton and Glen Innes. This venue features a very large concrete skidpan.

Who can attend?

This course is usually undertaken as a follow-on from a Defensive Driving Course (like the Safe Drive Test Drive: Driver Safety Program) which focusses on the essential driving theory and proactive driving strategies.

All participants must hold at least a Provisional licence. Also private participants under 21 years old must have completed a Defensive Driving Course (proof required - car club participants are exempt).

How many people per course?

12 maximum

To allow personalised training, each public session is limited to a maximum of 12 drivers. Car Club and Group bookings can elect to have less participants (fees remain unchanged for group booking) and allow each person more driving time. For example we have had groups of 6 attend, with each person paying more to double their driving time. Some other skid control programs have groups of 14+ participants attending, this limits the driving time of participants. All skid pan hirers pay the same venue hire and have the same hiring rules.

When are courses conducted?

Most courses are held on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Individuals can book into the Skid Pan Experience on dates when the Advanced Car Control course is offered (the skid pan experience is run as half day part of the full day advanced course). New dates can be formed for group bookings. Once booked in, attendance details and a map will be sent to each participant.

How do I book?

Click on the link below to review our upcoming "public" course dates or contact our office about creating a session for a group booking. Then complete the online or downloadable enrolment form and return to our office.



Skid Pan Experience brochure

Corporate/Car Club/Group Booking: info and options


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